Acoustical Insulation

Rockwool Insulation in Partitions

Soundproof Kenya offers a range of acoustic insulation that can be used to soundproof floors, soundproof walls and soundproof ceilings. Acoustic insulation should be used to increase the airborne noise reduction between rooms, sound insulation slabs are produced to a higher density than thermal insulation, when you are using insulation to soundproof a room an acoustic slab should be used rather than thermal insulation.

Acoustic insulation is widely regarded as the best way of reducing airborne noise transferring through cavities and voids. Use acoustic insulation inside floor and ceiling cavities to reduce the transfer of airborne sound. Our insulation will friction fit so no need for additional fixings. Increase the sound insulation of stud walls and party walls by using acoustic insulation inside timber or metal studs to increase the mass of light weight separating walls, block and absorb the sound as it passes through the structure.

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