AMF THERMATEX Ceiling raft, baffles and wall absorbers

Different areas of absorption achieve varying effects in acoustics. This is why in addition to classic acoustic ceilings, AMF THERMATEX offers other exciting acoustic elements. Ceiling rafts, wall absorbers and baffles constitute creative solution to provide a room with effective acoustics as well as meeting the highest aesthetic requirements. The refined sound mosaic enables a ceiling to become an innovative loudspeaker. The AMF THERMATEX Beamex system offers a clever solution for concealing projectors and equipment behind a ceiling tile.

Ceiling rafts, baffles and wall absorbers – Stylish, quickly installed and acoustically beneficial

Especially in modern architecture, the use of glass and concrete mean limited surfaces are available for acoustic control. Ceiling rafts, baffles and wall absorbers offer an excellent option to dampen the sound and substantially improve the room acoustics.

In order to determine the most suitable ceiling raft, baffle or wall absorber solution, Soundproofing Company works in partnership with architects and designer to offer advice and technical support. A team of experienced technicians support clients in finding a perfect quick and aesthetic solution for every room design and acoustic situation.

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