Roof Insulation – Loft Sisalation

Benefits of Roof Sisalation

  1. No need of AC, cooler, heater etc.
  2. Thermal insulation prevents the roof deck from cracking.
  3. Expansion joints are not required in a structure during construction.
  4. The materials that are used in thermal insulation are lightweight than concrete which reduces the dead weight on the roof slab.
  5. Thermal insulating materials are manufactured from recycled materials.
  6. It is easy to install.
  7. It is fire resistance.
  8. Maintenance is not required.
  9. It is environment-friendly.

Polyethylene Roof Insulation

Polyethylene Insulation is a product made of many tiny closed cell globules sealed off from each other. Polyethylene foam is an excellent heat insulation.

PE roof Insulation protects your roof space from heat build-up due to radiant heat penetration by acting as a heat barrier to protect all services within the roof space from drying out, cracking and degradation due to UV and solar heat gain.

Polyethylene Roof Insulation is a cost-effective insulation that is suitable for use in metal deck roofing system in residential, commercial, industrial and horticultural buildings where temperature variations are moderately/relatively high and where there is a need to reduce the disturbing rain noise.

PE insulation is widely used to insulate iron sheet roofs for residential, warehouses, supermarkets, Hospitals and much more. When installed correctly, this product reduces heat by 98%. The double side reflective foil helps in reflecting heat radiation

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